Alternate with 1-line paragraphs, that copy stands Phone Number List out extra. Keep your sentences relatively short. Or let longer sentences run really well. Complicated Phone Number List sentences are a potential drop-off point for mobile visitors. Write understandable sentences. So avoid difficult words or vague terminology that your target audience is not familiar with. Write in active Phone Number List form as much as possible. This stimulates visitors and reads faster.   Write for multiple types of 'mobile users'.

There is a major pitfall: being overly to-the-point, and as Phone Number List a result say too little. Just because smartphone users are usually impatient doesn't mean they're always in a hurry. So you don't have to focus your copy only on people who 'look up something quickly Phone Number List on the road' or who have a short attention span. If it is well structured, you can really tell more on a web page. Something to remember in that context: Your prepared buyer personas have if all is well provided you with useful insight into (potential) information needs. Plot those content opportunities on the right web Phone Number List pages. In any case, there will always be people who are interested in more thematic depth, who want to get to know your brand or who want to know those specifications.

Include this information in the structure of Phone Number List your text and page design. Tip: those who do not have buyer personas themselves, but who would like to appeal to more strategic website visitors, can fall back on the four personality types from the well-known Phone Number List Meyer Briggs Type Indicator model. 4. Delete useless text What needs to be communicated urgently? Make sure the copy on the page helps your visitor to: a little better and faster to understand to get excited to be Phone Number List convinced complete a task (such as a follow-up click) Does none of these goals apply to a text element?